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  • Set Customer Expectations
  • Assume the Sale
  • Effectively Give In-Home Estimates
  • Implement Tried and True Selling Methods Without Actually "Selling"

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From the Desk of Anne-Marie Moore

Hi!  I'm Anne-Marie Moore, the House Cleaning Pro and I built a successful house cleaning business from the ground up, earning over $100,000 the first year using documented procedures.  When I started the business, I was like many new business owners and didn't really spend much of my time on marketing my business.  After all, I had a business to run and clients to attend to.  And frankly, I didn't think there was much to know; place an ad and wait for the customers to call.


After spending a lot of money on ads that didn't work and listening to the sales rep's useless advice, I decided I needed to take control and stop wasting my money on ads that barely broke even.  That led me down a long road of marketing information that did not apply to my service business...that even I couldn't relate to.  In utter frustration, over time, I developed the marketing techniques that worked which led to more scheduled clients and greater profits. 

Convincing Prospects to Use Your Service

It's one thing to build your service and implement the procedures you've established.  It's quite another to find prospects and convince them you have the service they need.  Once you have the customer, you have to turn them into loyal paying clients you service over and over again.  I show you exactly how to keep those clients happy and satisfied.

Never Worry Again when Clients Cancel Service

What happens when suddenly more than 1 client cancels their service?  Suddenly you're income is down and now you need to get new customers to fill your schedule.  In my book, you'll learn how you can do this without spending another dime!

Convert More of the Prospects You Bid into New Clients

Do you bid on every prospect that calls?  If you're spending too much of your time providing estimates, then you're losing money.  I'll show you how to stop wasting your time and pre-qualify prospects before you ever show up for the estimate.

Service Businesses that will Benefit with this Information

Carpet Cleaning Business

Home Security Services

Exterior House Painting

Home Maintenance and Repair

House Cleaning Business

Interior House Painting

Interior Plant Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Pest Control Business

Plumbing Business

Window Cleaning


I've developed a system that works on auto-pilot to convert your prospects into paying clients even after you've estimated the job.  And I've done most of the work for you to get it setup.  All you have to do is customize it for your business. 

Your Marketing Package Includes

  • How to Get Paid What You're Worth Marketing Your Services eBook Table of Contents
  • Special Report - Obtain New Clients by Becoming the EXPERT in Your City
  • Newsletter Template
  • Prospect Follow-Up System Templates
  • 1 Recorded Interview with a small Service Business
  • 1 Recorded Interview with an established Service Business

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Every day you wait you are losing money.   Honestly - it's costing you money every day you wait to improve your marketing efforts.


Let's take a look at making just ONE change to your marketing strategy in Marketing Your Services and be very conservative and say this one strategy would increase your monthly revenue by $400 (minimum).


After one year you would have lost out on over $4,800. After three years you would have lost out on over $14,400. Now compare that with a small investment of $37. It just doesn't make sense to wait a minute longer.


And with my 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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Anne-Marie Moore

Author, How to Get Paid What You're Worth Marketing Your Services



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